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The Magic Castle is a private exclusive club in Hollywood, California. You can only get in if a member takes you in or gives you a guest invitation. If you love magic and like to get really dressed up this is place to go. If you or your friends would like to visit the Castle and see a few shows just give me a call. There are six theaters, five bars and a restaurant in the Castle. Night times are for adults over 21 and Saturday and Sunday brunches are for the kids. Look at my pictures here and you will see some happy people.


Here you can see Susanna and me in the lobby. There is only one door in the lobby and that's the one you came in. Take a look at the owl on the shelf next to my right shoulder. If you walk up to the owl and say the magic words "Open Sesame" the bookcase behind us will open and let you into the Castle.
Here we are in the lobby with our friend Joanna, the blonde in the middle. Joanna always brings a few friends along with her. This is the way most of the young girls dress when coming to the Castle.
Friends from back east. Standing next to me are brother and sister Daniel and Taryn. Outside are their friends. Daniel and Taryn grew up next door to my sister Bonnie in Bensalem, PA.
Who ever thought that this three year old little kid would end up in Hollywood at the prestigious Magic Castle with some friends 64 years later?
Now here is one happy family. Mom, dad, the kids and their boyfriends. Ready to go in and see some great magic.
I met these folks on Amateur Radio. When I was driving to the Castle one day I spoke to them on one of the 2 meter repeaters in Orange County. When I told them where I was headed they asked me if I could take them someday. Of course, and here they are. I got my Ham license in 1960 and have been K3PXX ever since.
This our friend, Seth. Teenagers are allowed in at night only twice a year. Seth comes to every Young Adult night every year. He wants to be a magician some day.

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